Is Credit National Assist Legit?

It seems that many people have been scammed by the Credit National Assist Company. They claim to offer financial assistance but ask for personal information to complete the loan process. These calls are fraudulent and you should report them to the Federal Trade Commission. This scam is a prime example of identity theft and you should not fall victim to it. Learn how to protect yourself from it by following these tips. You should report fraudulent calls to the Federal Trade Commission, and be aware of the warning signs.

The Credit National Assist scam targets the elderly population, as these individuals are more likely to be unaware of scams and have limited financial resources. They receive at least four to five calls per day from scammers claiming to offer financial assistance. These calls are often extremely creepy, as the caller will ask for your personal information in order to process your application for financial help. Unfortunately, you will never receive the financial aid that you requested.

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The best way to avoid being scammed is to seek out debt counselling from a reputable company. Credit National Assist is a financial institution that specializes in helping the elderly get out of debt. Their experts have extensive experience in debt negotiations and are well-connected with major charge card companies, business collection agencies, and debt collectors. The team at Credit National Assist will help you get out of debt without having to file for bankruptcy.

Scammers usually call you from an unidentified number and leave a voice mail. Once you hear their call, they may pose as employees of the Credit National Assist Company and ask for personal information like your Social Security number and bank account information. They may also request an upfront payment, which is illegal. You should report any scams to the Federal Trade Commission. If you have been scammed by the Credit National Assist scam, you can seek help from the Federal Trade Commission.

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If you’ve been contacted by the Credit National Assist Program, you’re probably wondering if it’s a real company. The answer is probably “no” – they are just scams that target people who have made online requests for financial assistance. This article will give you the scoop on the Credit National Assist Program and how to avoid being ripped off by such calls in the future. Unfortunately, more scams are cropping up online every day, so it’s imperative to avoid falling victim to these scams.

While the alleged scammer is not actually associated with the Credit National Assist Company, it may be operating under a similar name. The ad claims to be a legitimate financial company that can provide loan modifications and unsecured debt relief programs. This is not possible through a credit counselling company. In order to avoid falling victim to the scam, be sure to research the company before signing up with them. Scammers can easily exploit your vulnerability and steal your personal information.

Credit national assistance is a valuable resource for low-income families. However, eligibility requirements and income requirements apply. And the money provided is not enough to cover all of the expenses that a household must bear. It is not a substitute for rent or mortgage payments. The amount of credit national assistance will vary depending on your income and expenses. You should consider this before applying for credit national assistance. You can find out how much you qualify for by consulting with your local office.

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